You Should Have A Secure HTTPS Website


Currently, a secure HTTPS website is trending upward, and more website owners and businesses are upgrading.

Why the urgent need to switch to a secure HTTPS website?

Encryption is the major difference between HTTP and HTTPS, which means all data transferred between your browser and website is protected. With a secure HTTPS website, data transfers between your browser and a website cannot be intercepted. No outside connection will be able to read or interpret the communication between the user’s browser and your website.

Secure websites will have an SSL certificate from a recognized certificate authority. The images below show the difference between a non-secure and secure website.


non-secure website secure website


The benefits of using HTTPS:

  • Data security and confidentiality – HTTPS protocol protects data transferred between your browser and website.
  • HTTPS boosts your rankings on search engines Google will always rank a secure HTTPS website higher than HTTP websites because it wants to encourage more website owners to acquire an SSL certificate in order to safeguard all users. You will rarely find a site that uses a HTTP protocol on the first page of Google’s search results. According to Moz, half of page-1 Google results are HTTPS, which means it should be on the list of everyone’s search engine optimization strategies.
  • Sites are secure (HTTPS) are fast and highly responsive – which provides a better user experience for mobile devices.

In summary, website owners and businesses should strongly consider and upgrade to a secure HTTPS website for visitors’ safety and security. Contact us today to learn about making the switch to a secure HTTPS website.