Imagine a website that produced results. Most recently, I helped a client elevate their online presence.  

Here are the stats…

Google breaks down user searches into two categories, Discovery and Direct.

Discovery search is defined as a user searching for a product or service.

– Client’s Discovery Search is up 67%

Direct search is defined as a user searching for business or address

– Client’s Direct search is up 33%

New visits to the website is up by 20%

Two other factors that help elevate your online presence is website load time and a secure (HTTPS) website.

I improved the website load time to 1.41 seconds (Google recommends under 1.5 seconds; avg load time is 5 seconds).

I also converted the website from http (non-secure) to https (secure).

I performed keyword research and competitor analysis

The results of all these improvements – #2 Google ranking!

seo results

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