Web Design Minneapolis


Step 1: Client Meeting

I will you walk through your goals for having a site and guide you through the decision process on how you can best achieve those goals based on your industry, competition levels and budget.

Step 2: Planning & Research

I’ll work with you to determine your sitemap and homepage content detailing the flow of the web pages. This will help to show the users’ experience, as well as enable you to start creating content for each page.

Step 3: Design - Landing, Content & page Mock-ups

When the feedback from the landing & content page layouts is received and implemented, I will begin the process on creating the actual landing & content page mock-ups. You will receive them within a few weeks of making decisions on the sitemap and homepage content.

Step 4: Development - Implementation & Theme Creation

This is where we actually begin to build, code, & set up the website based upon the approved mock-ups. As this is the most technical part of the process, it can take up to 4-6 weeks.

Step 5: Go Time!

Once all is said and done with the website development & feedback, it’s time to bring the site live! I like to call this Go Time! Congratulations, and welcome to your new website!