Link Building Strategies

A link building strategy is the process of researching how and what content is getting links in a specific industry and location.

The beautiful thing about linking building is once you have a process for the research, development, and outreach completed, you can do link building for any industry and location as it involves, SEO, content creation and email outreach.

The follow-up is tweaking your email outreach program, so you are targeting the right people. The process will take time and several tweaks along the way. Be patient with the process, your return is worth it in the long run.


 Where to find sponsorship opportunities in your city

Start with Google using the search term “our sponsors” city name; “our donors” city name; “our partners” city name.

The best results for local websites and local backlinks is using “our sponsors” city name. Most times, sponsors already have a page dedicated to thanking their sponsors, therefore, it is easy identify links on the sponsors website.

Search for specific events  “sponsors edina 5k” or “sponsors edina festivals” in a specific city.

Search for audience or missions “our sponsors edina kids” for all organizations helping children or “our sponsors edina senior citizens” for all organizations helping senior citizens.

Search by industry “our sponsors edina doctors” or “our sponsors edina lawyers” you can really pick any industry to find local opportunities.  

Recommended Local Sponsorships 

Farmers market

Chamber of commerce

Running clubs

Business luncheons

Arts festivals

Fundraiser for kids’ school supplies

Shelter for dog rescue

Local non-profits in your area

Other Link Building Strategies

Help a News Reporter

Register on their website as a source

Ask for reporters who want small business sources and customer success stories

Customer Spotlight

Interview favorite and/or repeat customers

Focus on their business, life, and their passion

Ask them to share your link on their social media accounts

Create Industry Related Content

Do your clients ask the same question

Build a “how to” guide using personal experience and expertise. Ask them to share your link on their social media accounts.


Contacting The Sponsors

When contacting local entities for sponsorship, locate the right contact (typically listed on the sponsorship page) responsible for the sponsorships, personalize a short email to the contact, and ask for the sponsorship PDF, or cost and benefits of the sponsorship.

If you are reaching out on behalf of a client make sure to include the name of the client.

High authority link opportunities include: associations, schools, well established nonprofits, museums, music festivals, government entities.

Expect to spend 1-2 hours per opportunity including phone calls, filling out forms, and providing payment information.

Follow up or check the website to make sure the link is live on the organization’s website.

I recommend setting up a link building loop: build experiments with a baseline, measure and analyze the metrics, learn from the metrics, so you can adapt and persist.

The process of acquiring links is endless. Remember, have fun along the way!


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